Entrepreneur Showcase: The Edible Bunch With Myles & Valencia Bunch

In this episode of Promise Startups, we talk to Myles Bunch & Valencia Lawrence, the founders and operators for The Edible Bunch – a plant-based food brand. 



We talk about:

  • Why Myles & Valencia decided on Vegan food
  • Valencia’s cooking background and how her experience led to being the founding chef at the Edible Bunch
  • Balancing their startup journey with raising a family 

About The Edible Bunch

The Edible Bunch is on a mission to build and connect with a community through serving plant-based meals fused with vegetables, grains, legumes, spices, and fresh herbs that will satisfy your appetite accompanied with tons of flavor leaving your taste buds in euphoria! 

Meet Myles & Valencia

Valecia Lawrence is an experienced Chef and spends her time recreating meals, desserts, drinks, snacks, sauces and seasoning blends from her diverse upbringing, making them Plant-Based.


Myles Bunch has a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. He is skilled in food & beverage, project management,  and strategic planning. 



Connect With The Edible Bunch

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